Research and application status of biodiesel (I)

With the increasingly serious environmental pollution and the increasingly urgent energy crisis, people are urgently in need of a clean, environmentally friendly and renewable energy. The renewability and cleanliness of biodiesel have attracted worldwide attention. The production and application status, development trend of biodiesel at home and abroad and the significance of developing biodiesel in … Read More

The preparation methods of biodiesel and its development status at home and abroad

With the increasing demand for energy in cities and the depletion of petroleum resources, the whole world will face the crisis of energy shortage. Moreover, petroleum combustion causes serious pollution to the environment, which affects people’s health to a great extent. Therefore, the research and application of biodiesel has become the focus of alleviating the … Read More

Review of Biodiesel

As a renewable energy, biomass energy is the fourth largest energy consumption in the world, which is second only to coal, oil and natural gas. It occupies an important position in the whole energy system. As one of the most important renewable liquid fuels for biomass energy, biodiesel has the advantages of high energy density, … Read More

Biodiesel is a combination of biomass energy and traditional fossil energy

Biodiesel is a combination of biomass energy and traditional fossil energy that can be partially regenerated. And diesel is fossil energy, it can’t be regenerated, and it’s always useful. First, biodiesel It is prepared by using different unprocessed or used vegetable oils and animal fats through different chemical reactions. It is an environmentally friendly biofuel. This … Read More

Biodiesel industry application field and market capacity analysis

Transportation Fuel Field Biodiesel has a long history of research and development and application abroad, especially in the field of transportation fuel. With the increasingly severe oil crisis and the continuous improvement of environmental protection requirements, the demand for biodiesel in the field of transportation fuel will grow rapidly. Compared with fossil diesel, biodiesel has … Read More

Harnessing top algae strains for bioenergy through collaboration

Harnessing top algae strains for bioenergy through collaboration

Wanted: Algae industry partners and academic researchers to help find the best algae strains for biofuels and bioproducts to reduce the cost of producing bioenergy from algae feedstocks. The U.S. DOE’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and its partners in this effort are offering private and academic collaboration opportunities. PNNL leads the DISCOVR project, which stands for development … Read More

Biodiesel, renewable diesel set to replace petro diesel in Calif.

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s stated goal of eliminating petroleum diesel emissions in California by 2030 is achievable through the growth in the market for clean, sustainable diesels, according to a new report from the California Advanced Biofuels Alliance. Transitioning to sustainable diesels will represent a 71 percent decrease in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions compared to those from … Read More

How to distinguish between good and bad lubricants

Lubricating oil is the most widely used lubricant on a variety of engines. Its role is to: lubrication, cooling, protection, cleaning. Gear oil, also known as transmission oil, is mainly used to lubricate various gears of transmissions, reducers and differentials in automobiles and tractor transmission systems. The viscosity of gear oils is larger than that … Read More

Problems of Biodiesel as Engine Raw Material

Although biodiesel can be directly applied without making large adjustments to the engine, since biodiesel is a mixture of saturated fatty acid methyl ester and unsaturated fatty acid methyl ester, which is significantly different from diesel, large-scale application of biodiesel is necessary. In-depth research on engine reliability, optimization of combustion and emissions, economics of production … Read More

The double environmental protection effect of biodiesel in China 

1. In addition to the above advantages, the development of biodiesel in China has the following dual environmental protection effects.   (1) Reduce the discharge of waste oil and reduce the pressure and cost of sewage treatment. According to conservative estimates, the current amount of waste oil in Beijing has exceeded 50,000 tons/year. If it is not treated, … Read More