The main advantages of biodiesel

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The main advantages of biodiesel

  1. It has excellent environmental protection characteristics: biodiesel and petrochemical diesel have lower sulfur content and can greatly reduce sulfur dioxide and sulfide emissions after use. Authoritative data show that emissions of sulfur dioxide and sulfides can be reduced by about 30%. Biodiesel contains no aromatic compounds that pollute the environment. Combustion exhaust gas has less damage to the human body than petrodiesel and has good biodegradability. Compared with petrochemical diesel, the emission of toxic organic matter in diesel exhaust is only 10%, particulate matter is 20%, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emissions are only 10%, and emission tail gas indicators can reach European No. II and III emission standards.
  2. Low-temperature starting performance: Compared with petrochemical diesel, biodiesel has good engine low-temperature starting performance, and the cold filter point reaches -20 °C.
  3. The lubricating performance of biodiesel is better than that of diesel: it can reduce the friction loss of the engine fuel supply system and cylinder liner, and increase the service life of the engine, thereby indirectly reducing the cost of the engine.
  4. It has good safety performance: the flashpoint of biodiesel is higher than that of petrochemical diesel. It is not a dangerous fuel, and its advantages in transportation, storage, and use are obvious.
  5. Excellent combustion performance: Biodiesel has a higher cetane number than diesel, so the fuel has better combustion and anti-storm performance when used, so a higher compression ratio engine can be used to improve its thermal efficiency. Although the calorific value of biodiesel is lower than that of diesel, the oxygen content contained in biodiesel can promote the combustion of fuel, which can improve the thermal efficiency of the engine, which will compensate for the loss of power.
  6. Renewability: Biodiesel is a renewable energy source, and its resources will not be exhausted like oil and coal.
  7. Economical: The system investment in biodiesel is small, and the original diesel engine, fueling equipment, storage equipment, and maintenance equipment need not be changed.
  8. Adjustability: Biodiesel can be used in combination with petrochemical diesel in a certain proportion, which can reduce fuel consumption, improve power and reduce tail gas pollution.
  9. Degradability: Biodiesel has good biodegradability and is easily decomposed and utilized by microorganisms in the environment.
  10. The excellent performance of biodiesel makes the engine exhaust emission index using biodiesel not only meet the current European No. II standard, but even meet the more stringent European III emission standard that will be implemented in Europe. Moreover, since the carbon dioxide emitted by biodiesel combustion is much lower than the carbon dioxide absorbed during the growth of the plant, global warming due to carbon dioxide emissions is a major environmental problem harmful to humans. Thus biodiesel is a true green diesel.


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