High Performance Anticorrosion Strong Cavitation Device

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High Performance Anticorrosion Strong Cavitation Device2

High efficiency, corrosion resistance, low capital cost

Uses: Anticorrosion strong cavitation device mainly used in the esterification reactor, making the oil, catalyst and methanol can be full mixed during the esterification process, faster response, improvement of yield age.

When the medium oil, as a certain pressure and flow rate of air through the device, a strong cavitation, such oils, and methanol in the catalyst during the esterification reaction can be sufficiently contacted, enhanced mass transfer and heat transfer, thereby increasing the reaction efficiency and shorten the reaction time as well; autoclave reactor solves the length of reaction time and energy consumption problem.

The formation of strong cavitation effect under the moderate pressure, with high efficiency, reasonable structure, cavitation resistant to acid corrosion, low operation cost, is very strong practicability.

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