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Neutralizing tower for biodiesel production plantPatented product, the simple process, wide application, operating flexibility

Uses: Acidic methanol gases methanol produced during the neutralization reaction.

The neutralizing tower is connected with alkali tank, alkaline and acidic methanol gas by the countercurrent flow mode entering into the tower. The tower provides with a heating device, the neutralized gases pass through the filling tower and start purifying methanol in the recover y column.

Main features:

1. Effectively prevent equipment corrosion, extending the life of equipment.

2. This device is suitable for continuous and intermittent emissions of acid gases management;

3. Simple technology, management, operation and maintenance quite convenient, No impact caused on plant production;

4. Application in wide range, neutralizing a variety of acid gases;

5. A small amount pressure dropping, operating flexibility and has a good performance in neutralization.

6. Tower made of stainless steel, fillers are used Pall ring which is efficient and low resistance, it can completely remove the odor of gas and hazardous substances.

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