Table garbage turned into biodiesel

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Recently, PetroChina Shanghai Sales Company held the “China Petroleum Gas Station Filling B5 Vehicle Diesel Launching Ceremony” at Songsong Gas Station in Songjiang District. This is a central enterprise’s action to turn waste into waste and fulfill social responsibility. It is also another major substantive breakthrough in the promotion of B5 vehicle diesel in Shanghai. Leaders of Shanghai Food and Drug Administration, Municipal Economic Information Commission, Municipal Science, and Technology Commission and other relevant departments attended the ceremony.

For a long time, it has been a key breakthrough and regulatory issue in the city to prevent the food discarded at the table from being remanufactured by the unscrupulous people. In order to fulfill the social responsibility of the central enterprises, the company, together with the relevant departments of the city, actively researched and developed the “ditch oil” that was abandoned in the catering industry and the sewer line. After a series of biochemical reactions, it was 95% compared with the vehicle diesel. Proportioned to reconcile, developed B5 vehicle diesel. In order to do a good job in publicity and promotion, and let more car owners use this green energy, the employees of the company carried forward the “Daqing spirit and iron man spirit”, and the R&D department employees completed the reconciliation and preparation work in the process of biodiesel transportation within 4 months; The staff of the gas station publicized the small manuals, exhibition boards, and other forms, and widely publicized them. In order to build a safety line on the tongue of the masses, turning waste into treasure, the green recycling energy contributed. It is understood that the company’s current phase has formed a 120,000 tons of B5 automotive diesel blending capacity if the full production can consume 6,000 tons of “ditch oil” annually. At present, the company has eight gas stations that can raise B5 vehicle diesel and plans to increase the number of B5 vehicle diesel stations to 46 by the end of the year. The company actively fulfilled its social responsibility and received strong support from the Municipal Economic Information Commission and the Municipal Science and Technology Commission.

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