Biodiesel development is difficult

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Biodiesel, which has been highly anticipated by people, is a high-quality alternative to petrochemical diesel. Compared with ordinary diesel, it not only has excellent environmental performance but also promotes diversification of energy structure. However, through the development in recent years, the difficulty in collecting raw material resources, the high cost of raw materials and the imperfect national policies have restricted the development of the biodiesel industry. The biodiesel market can be described as difficult.

Jin Lianchuang believes that the most important reason for the current development of biodiesel is the shortage of raw material resources and the high production cost. Based on the basic policy that China does not compete with the people for food disputes, most of the domestic biodiesel use trench oil, but the use of waste oil to produce biodiesel has a limited supply of raw materials and high requirements for conversion to biodiesel. Diesel manufacturers operate only a modest profit.

According to Jin Lianchuang, although the “13th Five-Year Plan” promulgated in recent years has clearly proposed upgrading and upgrading the biodiesel project to improve product quality and meet the needs of transportation fuel quality, the biodiesel market has not been introduced yet. It has not been significantly improved, and the market is still light. In the biodiesel market, there are still problems in the collection of raw materials, the imperfect price formation mechanism, and supporting support policies.

In addition, blocked sales channels also plague biodiesel companies. At present, some biodiesel is used as a fuel for boilers and a power source for the shipbuilding industry. It is difficult to really act on the vehicle power link, and the advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection cannot be reflected. On the other hand, biodiesel companies can only develop their chemical properties in order to continue, and some enterprises will switch to the chemical market. However, according to Jinlian, the demand for the chemical market is quite limited.

In summary, if biodiesel is to breakthrough, it will only develop in the direction of scale and industrialization. At the same time, the government should strongly encourage and support the investment in research, production, and application of biodiesel to increase the price of biodiesel. The competitive advantage can realize the rapid development of China’s biodiesel industry.

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