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Biodiesel refines automatic vegetable oils, commonly used in tractors, trucks, ships, etc. It refers to oil crops such as soybean, rapeseed, cotton, palm, etc., wild oil plants and engineering microalgae and other aquatic plant oils and animal fats, food waste oil, etc. as raw material oil can be replaced by transesterification or thermochemical process. Recycled diesel fuel for petrochemical diesel. Biodiesel is a type of biomass that is physically similar to petrodiesel but has a different chemical composition. Biodiesel is a mixture of complex organic components with very high oxygen content. These mixtures are mainly organic substances with large molecular weight, including almost all kinds of oxygenated organics, such as esters, ethers, aldehydes, ketones, phenols, organic acids, alcohols. Wait. The compound biodiesel is made from waste animal and vegetable oil, waste engine oil and by-products of the refinery, and then added to the catalyst, which is synthesized by special equipment and special processes.

Biodiesel, also known as biodiesel, is a biofuel that is considered environmentally friendly by using unprocessed or used vegetable oils and animal fats through different chemical reactions. This biofuel can be used like diesel. The most common preparation method for biodiesel is the transesterification reaction. Triglycerides, which are the main component of vegetable oils and fats, are reacted with an alcohol (generally methanol) in the presence of a catalyst to form a fatty acid ester. The physical and chemical properties of fatty acid esters are very similar or even better than diesel.

Reaction principle

Esterification method:


R2 COO CH + 3MeOH( EtOH)——R1 (R2,R3 ) COOMe[ R1 (R2,R3 ) COOEt ] +2CH2 (OH) CH(OH)


Lysis method:


R2 COO CH + Catalyst – CH3(CH2)14CH3 + C3H4O + H2O


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