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Professional Biodiesel RancimatThe biodiesel equipment professional biodiesel rancimat determines the oxidation stability of biodiesel (fatty acid methyl esters, or FAME for short) and biodiesel blends.

In the Biodiesel Rancimat, increased temperature and a continuous stream of air through the sample accelerate its aging. The time that passes until oxidation takes place at a high rate – the induction time or oxidation stability index (OSI) – is measured.

The method is compliant with national and international standards, and it is particularly easy to perform, not least thanks to the modern, user-friendly StabNet software.

Main Features of Professional Biodiesel Rancimat

1.Compliant with standards including EN14112,15751 and EN16568
2.User-friendly Stab net software for instrument control,results evaluation,and data management
3.Simultaneous analysis of up to eight samples
4.Color display on the instrument provides status overview of all measuring positions
5. Each sample position can be started separately and directly on the instrument

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