Machine Making Tire Oil Or Plastic Oil To Biodiesel

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The oil purifying or distillation equipment is applied to recycle the waste liquid oil (such as waste engine oil, waste crude oil, tire or plastic oil after pyrolysis) into non-standard gasoline and diesel. It mainly includes

1) oil distillation kettle,
2) rectifying tower,
3) oil-gas cyclone sedimentation tank,
4) condensation system, oil storage tanks,
5) vacuum system,
6) heating system,
7) emission controlling system,
8) feedstock pretreatment system.

Technical process

1) Pumping the feedstock into the sedimentation tank 1# and 2#, adding some catalyst, injecting the air by compressor into the sedimentation tanks for making the feedstock and catalyst mixed well, sedimentation quietly for 5hours.

2) After sedimentation, discharging the sediment, pumping the feedstock after sedimentation into distillation kettle.

3) Starting the high-temp circulated oil pump for distillation and the heating furnace, the feedstock will be heated during distillation kettle and furnace, when they reach the distillation cuts temp, through the rectifying tower into the oil-gas cyclone sedimentation tank for separating the ash, then into the oil-gas condenser and getting the diesel and gasoline separately stored.

4) The part of non-condensable gas into the vacuum buffering tank, vacuum pump, water seal, back fire device and into the heating furnace for supplying heat.

5) When there is “low” alarming on the liquid level, it should start to pump the feedstock (after sedimentation in tank 1# and 2#) into the distillation kettle, the whole distillation process is continuous.

6) When there is no alarming on the liquid level, but the diesel color is very dark, it shows there is much more residual oil in the distillation kettle and should discharge, then put into the residual oil tank.

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