Biodiesel Manufacturing Plant – Intermittent Reaction Device

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A liquid fuel biodiesel is obtained by switching from vegetable oils, animal fats or fatty alcohol esters with a single reaction. Trans-esterification reactor is the core equipment of biodiesel production process, product quality and production costs, production energy consumption and impact on the environment has a decisive role.

Select the correct form, structure, size of the reaction apparatus to determine the most suitable reaction temperature, concentration and material flow state is the key to the process requirements of the biodiesel production process, is ensure the main product generation, separation and purification, and the key to reducing pollution.

Different structure type reactor, the effect in which the chemical reaction is not the same, the same volume of the reactor due to structural and operating conditions can lead to different production capacity difference ten or even a hundred times. At present, the biodiesel production process of the reactor in the form of geometry with different, can be divided into tank, tubular, tower and other types of fixed bed.

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