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Recycling and disposal of waste oils from kitchen and biodiesel selling have been a  problem for the city.Shanghai is trying to get B5 biodiesel into more than 200 gas     stations  this year.By then, more than 30,000 tons of waste cooking oil from Shanghai will  be   consumed by social vehicles every year.At the same time, due to some     biodiesel characteristics , the use of biodiesel which made from waste cooking oil will  also help improve the  ecological environment of the city.

Since last year, biodiesel made from waste oils from kitchen has been allowed into    social petrol stations in a new “B5 biodiesel” status.Since then, Shanghai opened the   last and the most difficult part of the recycling and disposal of waste cooking oil from kitchen, basically realizing the closed-loop management of waste cooking oil recycle and   application.

Biodiesel was cleared and trusted to the market because of 104 buses were involved,   running a total of 15.6 million kilometers without carbon deposition and related failures,  so sinopec opened it’s door for the biodiesel.

At a sinopec gas station in Shanghai, driver Mr. Liu admitted that his bus was the first to be filled with biodiesel fuel, and he had doubts about the special oil.

To dispel consumers’ concerns, some experts say, biodiesel producers must have scientific proof or they can’t enter the market.

In 2014, several government departments, enterprises and schools in Shanghai signed the “Shanghai food kitchen waste oil recycling six-party cooperation agreement”.

Waste cooking oil collected by the whole city prioritized to supply pilot projects  application ,the application of biodiesel has taken the first step through this way.

Shanghai’s public transport industry has contributed greatly to the community’s trust in kitchen waste grease.

The biodiesel gets the first hand usage data because of the trial run of buses,.”There were a lot of concerns at the beginning, but I decided to support the environmental protection project,” said a bus company official.

The results showed that after the use of B5 biodiesel, none of the key components in the engine of the test vehicle had carbon deposition on the surface, and no relevant failures occurred,the exhaust emission problem of some vehicles has been improved to a certain extent.Compared with pure diesel, the carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon and superfine particulate emissions of B5 biodiesel were reduced slightly.It is because of the tens of millions of kilometers of “solid” application data that sinopec opened the door to gas stations, kitchen waste oil in the name of biodiesel get into the oil market.

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