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In the past few years, the Chinese government has paid much attention to the development of biodiesel,However, faced with the reality of the market, biodiesel enterprises are still struggling.

Hainan province is one of the national pilot projects to promote biodiesel and it is the first province to sell biodiesel in China.But almost all gas stations in Hainan have stopped selling biodiesel,similar to Hainan, biodiesel is hard to find at gas stations in cities such as Beijing, Kunming and Wuhan.

At present, domestic biodiesel market no obvious improvement,Shizeke, an analyst at zhongyu information, said most manufacturers still make a living by switching to the plasticizer industry.

The development of biodiesel industry in China is in its infancy, and the industry development faces a series of problems.The terminal channel of biodiesel sales in China is limited by the wholesale enterprises of refined oil, and the marketing resistance is huge.

In addition, China’s technical standards, product testing and certification systems for biodiesel are also imperfect.In order to adapt to the complex composition of raw materials, the biodiesel technology in China has formed a process line with strong adaptability of raw materials.With waste oil and wild tree seeds as raw materials,the conventional acid base, modified acid base and solid molecular sieve were used as catalysts,a technical reserve system with lipid as catalyst and supercritical no catalyst.However, the production equipment is relatively backward, and there is no technical specification for the production design and operation of some biodiesel enterprises, which has potential safety risks.

Although the development of the biodiesel industry faces a variety of problems, the real problem is marketing.Whether the biodiesel industry can truly get rid of the predicament depends on the solution of downstream sales problem.

As for this, people in the industry give a general statement that biodiesel enterprises do not have the qualification of oil distribution, can only sell products to sinopec, petrochina and other enterprises.Despite it has price advantage, biodiesel is not valued.Without the huge formal oil market, enterprises can only build their own sales channels and sell them scattered to customers such as fishing boats and transport fleets, which is difficult to achieve economies of scale.

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