Reduction Of Waste Lubricating Oil Base Stocks Technology Introduction

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Reduction-Of-Waste-Lubricating-Oil-Base-Stocks-Technology-Introduction-2Waste oil distillation unit
is self-shunt vacuum distillation unit, distillation system uses a tube furnace (independent research) heating the continuous distillation process under negative pressure to be waste oil distillation. Because the waste oil contains large amounts of water so we should dehydration before distillation.


The cold materials (waste oil) should be pre-heat exchanger with the overhead vapor phase component first. Materials after heat exchange.

Into the falling film evaporator using secondary heating flue gas dehydration, and then through the tube furnace heating again after the temperature meet the process requirements into ectification within the column control reflux ratio at the same time, on the top of the gas phase components after heat exchange with the raw condensation receiving tank into the light components, to restructuring after restructuring of condensing tank, tank bottom components into the slag, non-condensable gas back into the tube furnace combustion after water seal.

The characteristics of the project:

1, new approaches of the project technical, economic, and ecological benefit is remarkable, greatly saves the cost of production, but also save the equipment investment, widen the elasticity of operation, also has brought great convenience to production operation.

2, raw material and product continuous heat exchange for many times, to realize the continuous cycle of heat energy utilization.

3, rectification is under negative pressure, reduce the reaction temperature, saves energy and reduces the production cost, but also avoid the waste oil cracking at high temperatures.

4, by adjusting the reflux ratio ensure the color of the product.

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