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Introduction Of Solid Organic Matter Thermal Cracking ProcessWe company solid organic matter thermal cracking process is a micro negative pressure rotary organic material thermal cracking process. Using horizontal rotary pyrolysis reactor technology can effectively deal with organic material, and solves the organic material in the pyrolysis process of coking and wall sticking problem, make the pyrolysis technology of breakthrough, is the industry technology innovation, has a far-reaching influence on development of industry.

Description of system process

After preprocessing of the solid waste by the conveyor belt to the bunker, by the screw feeder to the rotating furnace, rotating the furnace can be controlled by control cabinet and reversing switch, adjust the waste material distribution in the main furnace, two-thirds of the total volume of material volume control in the following, close the feeding sealed door.

The remaining no-condensable pyrolysis furnace gas from the pipeline via the primary and secondary seal, then through the lower furnace for the main burner, thereby reducing exhaust emissions, save the fuel and energy.

The main furnace rotating heat, produce steam and oil and gas through the main furnace and soft connection enters the multi-stage separator, there will be part of the residue after multi-stage separator of oil and gas separation, oil and gas into the cooling tower, cooling down to the oil and water through the overflow pipe into the oil-water separator, measurement of oil-water separation. Under the effect of vacuum negative pressure non-condensable gas by vacuum pump into the primary and secondary non-condensable gas into the combustion chamber after the water seal.


Flue gas generated after pyrolysis entered into the cooling flue pipe strength, cooling device of atomized spray precipitator dust tower by induced draft fan in industrial waste gas purifier, finally achieve harmless emissions.

Solid waste after pyrolysis generated carbon black entered into closed stock bin by fully-encased spiral launch system and then transfer into carbon black production workshop.

The cooling tower circulating water was supplied by cooling pool; water seal, vacuum pump water tank and dust removal’s water supplied by water pump room, due to the amount of water used less, can be manually controlled to add on the system running. Water supply and drainage equipment adhere to the principle of water circulation, and ensure the water circulation and a small amount of evaporation of water supplied by the water supply system.

Technology characteristics

1, the process design is reasonable, advanced manufacturing technology, high degree of automation, complete safety facility.
2, adopting micro negative pressure rotary cracking kettle, heated evenly, pyrolysis fast, high oil yield, gas no spillover.
3, adopt efficient coal, fuel and non-condensable gas mixed fuel heating system, the system of flue gas via strong atomized dust remover and industrial waste gas purifier process after discharge can reach the national pollution-free emissions standards, the complete set of device environmental effect can achieve the European and American highest standard and also approved by American EPI environmental protection certification.
4, oil and gas cooling system adopt cooling tower indirect cooling way, this is our company’s mature technology, especially suitable for oil and gas cooling and heating oil recovery.
5, non-condensable gas during refining process, can be directly as pyrolysis reactor fuel combustion chamber, greatly save the fuel energy.
6, after pyrolysis produced carbon black can be comprehensive utilization effectively, and meet the national EPC quality certification.
7, this process not only is suitable for dealing with waste rubber and waster plastic, waste tires, straw, acrylic small particles shale waster can also processing, at the same time can also be applied to sludge and oil field waste.

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