Biodiesel Production Principles and Processes

The process to make biodiesel involves a chemical reaction. This means that the biodiesel industry is a chemical industry. Those involved in making biodiesel must have a good understanding of the underlying chemistry to ensure they are making quality fuel in a safe manner. Biodiesel is an alternative fuel for diesel engines that is produced … Read More

Future of Biodiesel

Biodiesel made from oil seed plants grown on cropland cannot possibly hope to replace petro-diesel in the foreseeable future: there simply isn’t enough land. Biodiesel, instead, could be seen as one part of a larger plan to reduce air pollution, carbon emissions, and dependence on fossil fuels. Energy crops can also be an important source … Read More

Biodiesel production in the Asian-Pacific region

Biodiesel production in the Asian-Pacific region

Biodiesel production in the Asian-Pacific region (more biodiesel information ,pls click~) The advantages of environment friendliness and excellent physical &chemical properties will coexist with the disadvantages of high cost and raw materials lacking for a long time, which makes the biodiesel market face many challenges,but it still has broad prospects in the Asian-pacific region.Frost Sullivan, a leading growth consultancy, made … Read More

New Uses for Crude Glycerin from Biodiesel Production

New Uses for Crude Glycerin from Biodiesel Production

Introduction Glycerol (also known as glycerin) is a major byproduct in the biodiesel manufacturing process. In general, for every 100 pounds of biodiesel produced, approximately 10 pounds of crude glycerol are created. As the biodiesel industry is rapidly expanding, a glut of crude glycerol is being created. Because this glycerol is expensive to purify for … Read More

Transesterification Process Developments

responsible for the popularity of the transesterification method for reducing the viscosity related problems of plant oils. The popularity of methyl esters has contributed to the term “biodiesel” now usually referring to plant oil esters and not neat plant Oils. It was shown that in homogeneous catalysis, alkali catalysis is a much more rapid process … Read More

Biodiesel Manufacturing Plant – Intermittent Reaction Device

A liquid fuel biodiesel is obtained by switching from vegetable oils, animal fats or fatty alcohol esters with a single reaction. Trans-esterification reactor is the core equipment of biodiesel production process, product quality and production costs, production energy consumption and impact on the environment has a decisive role. Select the correct form, structure, size of … Read More