Biodiesel production in the Asian-Pacific region

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Biodiesel production in the Asian-Pacific region

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The advantages of environment friendliness and excellent physical &chemical properties will coexist with the disadvantages of high cost and raw materials lacking for a long time, which makes the biodiesel market face many challenges,but it still has broad prospects in the Asian-pacific region.Frost Sullivan, a leading growth consultancy, made the point through the research: biodiesel market in Asian-pacific countries.

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Most Asian-pacific countries and regions are developing biodiesel initially to reduce their dependence on imported oil and ensure a stable fuel supply.These countries and regions have been committed from the first beginning to achieve a self-sufficient supply of biodiesel materials and relatively independent production.Apart from Malaysia and Singapore, which biodiesel is mainly for exported,other Asian-pacific countries and regions producing biodiesel mostly for domestic use.

Because most of the countries adopt self-sufficiency production model, the biodiesel industry is currently in a highly segmented state,and the trend of horizontal integration in the industry is not obvious.Currently, more than 100 companies are building new biodiesel production bases in the Asian-pacific region,many of them are giant in the planting and petrochemical industries and emerging company .The first two have entered the biodiesel industry with their existing advantages, while the latter one is specialized in the biodiesel business.Of course, there are also oil companies involved in the biodiesel field.

Main biodiesel producers in the Asian-pacific region have Carotino company, Golden hope company, Sterling biofuels company, Malaysia MVOR company, Wilma company, Indonesia PT Eterindo, China GuShan environment energy companies, Australia biodiesel group, Australia renewable fuel company, Philippine chemrez company, South Korea KAYA energy companies and Thailand AI energy companies.

Demand for biodiesel in the Asian-pacific region reached 980,000 tonnes in 2007, mainly from China, South Korea, Indonesia and the Philippines.Demand for biodiesel in the Asian-pacific region is expected to reach 7 million tonnes by 2013.In 2007, the completion capacity of biodiesel in the Asian-pacific region was 3.49 million tons per year, with Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Australia and Thailand in the top five.

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