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Waste tyre to diesel fuel plant is specially made mainly as the auxiliary equipment of our waste tyre/plastic pyrolysis plant. It can refine tyre fuel oil and plastic fuel oil got from the pyrolysis plant into diesel fuel oil.

However, Except tyre oil and plastic oil, this oil distillation plant can also refine waste motor/engine oil into diesel. This diesel fuel oil can be used for boilers, trucks, generators, and low speed engine like digging machine/road roller/loading machine and so on.The normal processing capacity for our distillation plant includes 3T/D, 5T/D, 10T/D and 20T/D.

Feedstock& product of waste tyre to diesel fuel plant:
The feedstock can be tyre pyrolysis oil, plastic pyrolysis oil, waste engine oil, etc, the final product will be diesel oil.

Working process of waste tyre to diesel fuel plant:

1, Put tyre oil/plastic oil/engine oil into distillation reactor with oil pump
2, Heating system works to heat waste oil over 170℃
3, Distillation oil gas produced and cooling down to pure distillation oil by condensers
4, After distillation, the distillation oil is pumped into odor-removal tank where catalysts used to remove the smell
5, Then oil go into color-removal tank for de-coloring with the special catalysts
6, Finally, you can get about 85% pure diesel fuel oil.

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