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Biodiesel is a combination of biomass energy and traditional fossil energy, and can be partially regenerated. While diesel is fossil energy, it can not be regenerated.

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Biodiesel is a biofuel that is considered environmentally friendly, prepared from unprocessed or used vegetable oils and animal fats through different chemical reactions. This biofuel can be used like diesel. The most common way to prepare biodiesel is transesterification. Fatty acid esters are formed by the reaction of triglycerides, which are the main components of vegetable oils and fats, with alcohols (usually methanol) in the presence of catalysts. The physical and chemical properties of fatty acid esters are very close or even better than those of diesel.

<Industry status>

  1. Biodiesel is a clean and renewable energy source. It is a liquid fuel made from oil crops such as soybean and rapeseed, oil palm and pistachio, oil tree fruits, engineering microalgae, animal oil, waste cooking oil and so on. It is a substitute of high quality petroleum diesel. Biodiesel is a typical “green energy”, vigorously developing biodiesel has important strategic significance for sustainable economic development, promoting energy substitution, reducing environmental pressure, and controlling urban air pollution.
  2. A comprehensive survey of the developed countries in the world, such as the United States, Germany, Japan, sub-developed South Africa, Brazil, South Korea, and then to developing India, Thailand, etc., has provided a good reference in the development of the international policy system, technical improvement, installation construction and vehicle manufacturing of oil substitution industry, and has provided a good reference for China to take the Chinese characteristics. The way of oil substitution has paved the way. especially the experience of Brazil is more practical.

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<Application field>

1.Biodiesel can be used as fuel for boilers, turbines, diesel engines and so on. Fatty acid methyl esters are mainly used in industry.

2.Biodiesel is a kind of high quality clean diesel, which can be extracted from various biomass, so it can be said that it is inexhaustible, inexhaustible energy, in the increasingly exhausted resources today, it is expected to replace oil as a substitute fuel.

3.Diesel oil is the main power fuel for many large vehicles, such as trucks, diesel locomotives and generators. It has the advantages of large power and low price. There is a great demand for diesel oil in China. The main problem of diesel application is “smoking black smoke”. We often see smoking trucks on the road. The main cause of black smoke is incomplete combustion, serious air pollution, such as a large number of particulate dust, high CO2 emissions.

  • Diesel is a mixture of light petroleum products and complex hydrocarbons (carbon atoms of about 10~22). Fuel for diesel engines. It is mainly made up of diesel distillates produced by crude distillation, catalytic cracking, thermal cracking, hydrocracking, petroleum coking, etc. It can also be made from shale oil processing and coal liquefaction. Two, it is divided into two categories: light diesel oil (boiling point range of 180~370 degrees C) and heavy diesel (boiling point range of 350~410 degrees Celsius). It is widely used in large vehicles, railway locomotives and ships.


It is a diesel engine for vehicles and ships. Compared with gasoline, diesel has higher energy density and lower fuel consumption rate, but the exhaust gas contains more harmful components (NO, particulate matter, etc.).

<Domestic market>

The reduction of sulfur content will directly reduce the discharge of pollutants by about 50%, improve the atmospheric environment, and have obvious environmental benefits. The reduction of sulfur content can reduce the corrosion and damage to the engine, and the amount of sediment generated, so that the engine is cleaner, and extend the service life of the engine.


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