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  1. Overview:
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High-efficiency diesel low-temperature fluidity improver is a new type of low-temperature flow improver. It is different from common pour point depressant, not only has the function of lowering the freezing point of diesel, but also can effectively change the crystal size and shape of wax precipitated at low temperature of diesel. To make the wax crystals smaller and not to condense. Therefore, it is very effective in reducing the diesel cold filter point. The product is prepared by reacting a compound having a specific chemical structure and molecular weight. The use effect of XLW-1805 is in the leading position in China. Its pour point is greater than 25 °C, and the cold filter point is reduced by about 10 °C. Applicable to straight-run diesel, hydrorefined diesel, pyrolysis diesel and blended diesel, etc. Refinery companies can also use it to improve the low temperature fluidity of heavy components, increase the proportion of blending components, and increase the efficiency for enterprises.

Second, the nature:

Project (unit) index test method

Appearance White or light yellow liquid Visual inspection

Density (20 ° C, g / cm 3) 0.85 ~ 0.95 GB / T1884-92

Kinematic viscosity (40 ° C, mm 2 / s) 50 ~ 100 GB / T265-88

Third, the use of:

  1. In addition to its own nature, the pour point depressing effect is also closely related to oil composition and fraction range and blending method. Therefore, before use, it is necessary to carry out tests to determine the amount of addition and formulation, and the oil properties should be kept as stable as possible.
  2. The addition amount is generally 0.3-1.0Kg per ton of diesel.
  3. Dilute the agent by 10 times with low-condensation point diesel, mix well with diesel, mix with static mixer or pump to achieve uniform mixing (normal mixing time 4 hours).
  4. Adding this agent requires blending when the temperature is higher than the freezing point of diesel by 10 °C. If the diesel oil prepared for adding the additive is heated to about 40 °C, the effect is better.
  5. If there is a solidification phenomenon of the improver in winter, it can be heated and dissolved before use.

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Fourth, packaging and storage:

  1. Packed in 200L galvanized drum, the net weight of each drum is 180±0.5kg.
  2. This product is flammable and should be stored in a cool, ventilated, direct sunlight, away from fire and heat.
  3. The water content of this product will affect the use effect, so this product is strictly prohibited from contact with water during storage and use.

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