Biodiesel is a renewable fuel

Biodiesel is a renewable fuel

Biodiesel is a renewable fuel made from biomass. Most U.S. biodiesel is produced from vegetable oils and animal fats. Biodiesel can be used in the same equipment as diesel fuel made from petroleum. The major sources of feedstock (raw material) for making biodiesel in the United States and their shares of total biodiesel feedstocks in 2017 … Read More

Quality Standrad of Biodiesel

Quality Standrad of Biodiesel

Widely applicable biodiesel and low cost. Biodiesel is applicable as fuel oil in diesel engine, but also mixing with diesel at any ratio. Biodiesel technology can reduce human dependence on oil energy, solve problem of diesel exhaust emission essentially, improve air pollution and protect environment. This superior biodiesel technology is widely applied in biodiesel preparing … Read More

Plant Oil-Diesel Blends as Fuel

With the preponderance of evidence from numerous studies showing the unsuitability of using pure or straight plant oil for long-term use as diesel fuel substitute in unmodified modern CI engines, researchers have focused on using various blends of different plant oils with diesel fuel. There are basically two parameters that can be changed or adjusted: … Read More

Use of 100 Per Cent Plant Oil as Fuel

An excellent review of literature concerning the use of various kinds of plant oils as a replacement for diesel fuel was made by Jones and Peterson of the University of Idaho. Pryde (1982) also reviewed the results of a number of studies on the use of plant oils as a diesel substitute and reported that … Read More

Fuel Injection Equipment

Timing, pressure and quantity of fuel delivery are crucial for efficient combustion. The important task of fuel delivery is performed by the fuel injection Equipment. Mechanically-Controlled Fuel Injection Fuel is supplied to the injector by an injector pump. The injector pumps are mechanically driven from the crankshaft. The drive from the crankshaft is set so … Read More

Basic Principles Of Diesel Engine

The Direct Injection Engine (DI) The engine uses the heat caused by compressing air in a cylinder, with a piston, to ignite fuel oil which is injected into the cylinder. This oil burns and creates an increase in pressure which forces the piston back down the cylinder, providing the power. The burnt gasses are exhausted … Read More