Biodiesel Specialized Lipase

Biodiesel Specialized Lipase is developed for enzyme-mediated production of biodiesel with modern genetic engineering, microbe fermentation and advanced post-process technology, which can catalyze esterification and transesterification of biodiesel protection efficiently and these have many advantages over traditional chemical methods: moderate reaction conditions, lower alcohol to oil ratio, more choices of oil substrates, less by-products, easier … Read More

Process Of High Temperature Biodiesel Preparing Method

1) Heat the methanol to 150 °C ~ 180 °C, and heat animal or vegetal oil to 250. C ~ 380 °C 2) Heat the vegetal methanol at a molar ratio of 20:1 to 55:1, and inject pressure vessel at the reaction pressure of 10Mpa ~ 14Mpa. 3) Keep the pressure stable within 20-35 minutes … Read More

The Process Of Waste Animal Fat Biodiesel Refining Machine

The process of waste animal fat to biodiesel here has four steps: Pre-treatment, Esterification, Trans-esterification, Biodiesel distillation. 1). pre-treatment Before esterification reaction, the raw material waste oil must be filtered, fine filtration and drying process, until we get the standard oil as raw material which has the same physical properties. 2). Esterification Esterification is mainly … Read More