The Process Of Waste Animal Fat Biodiesel Refining Machine

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The process of waste animal fat to biodiesel here has four steps: Pre-treatment, Esterification, Trans-esterification, Biodiesel distillation.

1). pre-treatment
Before esterification reaction, the raw material waste oil must be filtered, fine filtration and drying process, until we get the standard oil as raw material which has the same physical properties.

2). Esterification
Esterification is mainly reaction between free fatty acids and glycerol, generating triglycerides and water while small amounts of monoester and diester are generated.

3). Trans-esterification
Features of interactive turbulence tube reactor: interactive turbulence tube reactor: the device achieves continuously production of esterification and trans-esterification and improves the level of automation of the production process; the continuous reaction can be fully realize at low temperature and pressure, high efficiency, easy installation, easy operation, low energy consumption, the reaction of control can be achieved online, etc, many other advantages.

4). Biodiesel distillation
Biodiesel distillation device for a multivariate adaptive bypass reduced pressure distillation device, in the condition of vacuum distillation of crude methyl/rectification. Process for cold material with top of gas phase composition to heating of heat transfer firstly, heat transfer materials through the heater heating again after the temperature meet the process requirements and then into the reactor to distillation or rectification, (rectification control reflux ratio),the tower of the gas phase material after heat condensation, the principal component into the receiving tank, light component via to overhead condenser under certain technological conditions entered into a receiving tank after cooling, the components of the effusion dish into a receiving tank, the bottom black feet by the pumps.

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