The Main Features Of SRCA Process About Biodiesel

SRCA process is a cleaner production technology supplied for China’s biodiesel national conditions development, the main features are as follows: 1, raw materials adaptable: saponifiable matter (refer to free fatty acids and neutral lipid) content of not less than 90% of various oils can be processed directly to produce; 2, high raw material utilization: biodiesel … Read More

What’s The Process of Plant Oil Conversed To Bio-diesel?

The whole process of plant oil conversed to biodiesel is closed-circuit circulation, all raw material comprehensive utilization, cleaner production. Roughly described as follows: Raw material pretreatment (dehydration, deodorization, purification )—–the reaction kettle (methyl ester+ alcohol catalyst + 70℃) —–stirring reaction N hours—-precipitation separation line of mixed alcohol—-methyl distillation—-recovery of alcohol—-methyl ester distillation—-finished product.