The Main Features Of SRCA Process About Biodiesel

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SRCA process is a cleaner production technology supplied for China’s biodiesel national conditions development, the main features are as follows:

1, raw materials adaptable: saponifiable matter (refer to free fatty acids and neutral lipid) content of not less than 90% of various oils can be processed directly to produce;
2, high raw material utilization: biodiesel yield not less than 95% (based on the raw material can be saponified meter);
3, product quality standards: all the products meet the relevant country and industry standards or user requirements;
4, low consumption: oil 1.05 tons / ton of finished, methanol 110kg / ton of finished, fresh water 0.35 tons / ton of finished, energy consumption (in terms of standard coal) 0.27 tons of standard coal / ton of finished
5, high level of automation: DCS integrated management and control, instrumentation equipment controlled adjustable, always online data collection;
6, good continuity of production: production equipment production number not less than 8000h;
7, safe and clean production process: Advanced security controls, overweight, limit alarm, fire facilities design and construction normative; production process clean and environmentally hazardous waste substances emission;
8, complete and strong: device integrated design, continuous operation, the reaction unit, methanol and glycerol recovery unit, upgrading unit harmonized analysis, laboratory equipment and instruments complete.
9, focusing on the use of energy-saving technologies: heat reuse rate of not less than 60%;
10, technology with independent intellectual property rights, technology, equipment or products have more than two patents;

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