Value-added uses for crude glycerol–a byproduct of biodiesel production

Glycerol is a by-product of biodiesel, soap and fatty acid manufacturing plants, which are now facing sustainability threats and a reduction in prices in the market due to its oversupply as a result of the rapid expansion of biodiesel plants all over the world. The global production and consumption of glycerol, as well as demand … Read More

Recent developments in global biodiesel

Biodiesel refers to regenerative diesel fuel that can be used as a feedstock oil, such as oil crops, wild oil plants and engineering microalgae, as well as animal fats and catering waste oils. Compared with traditional diesel, biodiesel has obvious advantages in many aspects such as economy and environmental protection. Hydrogenated fats, petroleum, and animal … Read More

Research and application status of biodiesel (II)

Research progress of production methods Direct mixing method The direct mixing method is to mix vegetable oil and mineral oil in a certain proportion and use them directly as engine fuel. The results show that vegetable oil has good dynamic and overload performance and high thermal efficiency when used directly in internal combustion engines. However, … Read More

Review of Biodiesel

As a renewable energy, biomass energy is the fourth largest energy consumption in the world, which is second only to coal, oil and natural gas. It occupies an important position in the whole energy system. As one of the most important renewable liquid fuels for biomass energy, biodiesel has the advantages of high energy density, … Read More