Industrial Biodiesel Reactor with Condenser

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Industrial Biodiesel Reactor with CondenserFeatures of industrial biodiesel reactor :

1. GG17 high borosilicate glass, with good chemical and physical properties.
2. The evaporation and backflow of reaction material can be controlled.
3. The heat of reaction could be taken away quickly through water, cycling in the jacketed glass.
4. The design of large bottle mouth, easier to clean.
5. It can be used as a distillation syntheses device.
6. The sealing performance is 0.098Mpa.
7. LCD display, easier and more convenient to measure temperature.

Technical Data of industrial biodiesel reactor:

Model S212-30L
Stirring power(W) 180
Rotating speed(rpm) 50-680
Volume 30L
Number of mouth 5+1 pcs
Maximum torque
Power supply(V) 220V/50Hz
Display digital
Sealing material PTFE
Note Floor type, 304 all stainless steel frame

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