Biodiesel Manufacturing Plant – Continuous Tubular Reactor

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Biodiesel Manufacturing Plant – Continuous Tubular Reactor

Tubular reactor having a large heat transfer area, high pressure, simple structure, easy processing characteristics. Continuous operation is more, large capacity, easy to implement automatic control, manpower savings, turbulent operation also has good mass transfer at the time of highly exothermic reaction and high pressure, there is no tank reactors have the advantage for both the gas phase and liquid phase reaction, liquid phase reaction of gas, liquid or solid presence of suspended solids and liquid-solid catalyst reaction, its structure is as follows:

Biodiesel Manufacturing Plant - continuous tubular reactor

A tubular reactor having a generally continuous operation of the device the common advantage that the reaction concentration, the temperature condition only along the length of the tube changes, no change with time, and thus easy to implement automatic control. Due to the continuous operation is not occupied feeding, unloading, cleaning etc. non-productive time, equipment utilization is high, well-designed tubular reactor, substantially eliminate back-mixing, can achieve higher conversion rate.

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