Promoting resource utilization of waste oil by tackling both symptoms and root causes

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In recent years, with the intensification of local control, illegal and criminal activities of cooking oil production and sale from cooking waste and other ditch oils have been curbed. Media reporters in Changsha City, Hunan Province, United Food and Kitchen Waste Treatment Company recycling workshop to see the special equipment for food and kitchen waste is crushing, cooking and pressing, waste oil, waste water and waste residue separation. Waste oil is processed and refined into industrial grade mixed oil (biodiesel); waste water is produced by high temperature anaerobic fermentation to produce biogas, biogas is purified into bio-natural gas; waste residue is transformed into high protein feed material through maggot breeding. The recovered food waste has been processed to maximize the recycling of resources.

It is undoubtedly worth looking forward to make biodiesel into the refined oil terminal market. Because the public finally saw the ditch oil (cooking waste oil) after treatment to achieve the maximum recycling of resources, but also let the people have been worried about the problem of ditch oil reflux table with a better solution.

In fact, from ditch oil to biodiesel is a chemical reaction process, its production cost is higher and the process is more complex, and the ditch oil “refining” cooking oil process, but a simple hydrolysis, distillation, separation of “three-step” physical separation, there is not much technical content.

Undoubtedly, if we want to completely cut the black interest chain of gutter oil, we must treat both root causes and root causes, and combine the “dredging” of the market with the “blocking” of supervision. On the one hand, functional departments need to strengthen supervision and control, increase the intensity of cracking down, law enforcement must be strict; on the other hand, to let the gutter oil on a standardized, sustainable development of the road of resource utilization. It boils down to two things, one is that the government should give more support to recycling enterprises, the other is to let restaurants and other units producing gutter oil “profitable”.

How can we promote the way of utilizing waste oil to make full use of resources? The author believes that the key is the government’s policy guidance. On the one hand, more policies should be introduced to support and reward scientific research projects related to the refining of waste oil into biodiesel, and promote the technological progress of waste oil into biodiesel. We will increase policy and financial support for technological innovation in these industries and vigorously support the large-scale application of biodiesel in the fields of refined oil, aviation and oil drilling.  On the other hand, the government gives policy support to enterprises that refine waste oil into energy materials, which can not only give preferential tax reduction or exemption policies, but also give certain subsidies to the procurement of waste oil raw materials, reduce the operating costs of waste oil resources utilization, so as to ensure sufficient profits and reduce the “resource utilization”. Use the profit margin between “use” and “reflux table”. Increase the price of purchasing gutter oil materials to enhance the enthusiasm of catering enterprises to participate in the process of refining gutter oil into energy materials.

At the same time, it is also necessary to carry out fixed-point, fixed-plant and fixed-person purchasing of ditch oil, so as to provide raw material guarantee for enterprises that use ditch oil as the main raw material to produce energy materials.

It is not difficult for good money to drive out bad money as long as the purchase price of gutter oil is reasonable and the purchase is sustainable. In addition, the government should introduce a mandatory recycling system for waste oil to ensure the orderly recovery of waste oil. As more and more gutter oil goes on the road of resource utilization, do we have to worry about gutter oil refluxing to the dining table?

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