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In pesticide industry, methyl oleate is used as a substitute of methyl benzene, dimethylbenzene, solvent oil, etc. As pesticide solvent, it is environmentally,. It is characterized by being compatible with crops, avoiding produc phytotoxicity, eliminating drug resistance in pests, having high adhesiveness, increasing plant covering area, resisting to rain washing and photolysis, etc. It effectively reduces the light degradation of the active ingredients of pesticides, keeps excellent pesticide effect, high adhesiveness and drift stability and saves pesticide dosage. It also can be used as a synergist of herbicide.

In medical industry, methyl oleate is used as a breeding bacterium liquid, it can be used to produce various antibiotic bacterium and to replace soy bean oil as nutrition solution, but, technically speaking, it has more excellent property than the soybean oil.

In petroleum drilling industry, methyl oleate is used as a non-fluorescing slurry lubricant can effectively improve adsorbability and wettability of slurry and drill metal surface to reduce adhesion coefficient and achieve desirable thermal stability, compatibility and uniform dispersion. For this, we have established cooperation with many petroleum companies.

In addition, methyl oleate can also be used to make cosmetics, detergents, special lubricant and textile assistant, etc.

Products Index:

Item JG-8018 JG-7518 JG-6518
Content(%) 99 99 97
Moisture(%) 0.05 0.05 0.05
Acid Value(%) 0.3 0.6 0.5
C18(%) 82 84 72
C16(%) 14 12 22
C20(%) 3 3 3
Saponification Value 190 190 180
Color(APHA) 60 100 120
Iodine Value(g/150g) 116 120 95
Density(e20℃/cm’) 0.875 0.875 0.875
Flash Point(℃) 174 180 170

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