How to distinguish between good and bad lubricants

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Lubricating oil is the most widely used lubricant on a variety of engines. Its role is to: lubrication, cooling, protection, cleaning. Gear oil, also known as transmission oil, is mainly used to lubricate various gears of transmissions, reducers and differentials in automobiles and tractor transmission systems. The viscosity of gear oils is larger than that of lubricating oils, which is slightly black, so it is also called black oil. Greases contain thickeners that differ in their properties from lubricating oils. Since most greases are semi-solid, they retain their shape at room temperature and do not run out on vertical surfaces.

So how do you choose the lubricant for the owner who does not understand the oil? Select the engine oil to determine the appropriate quality level or higher according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The choice of engine oil also takes into account the seasonal changes. Because the viscosity of the oil changes with temperature, the viscosity becomes thicker in winter and the viscosity becomes lower in summer. Therefore, in very hot areas, try to choose oil with a slightly higher viscosity – point. In the cold season, thinner oil can be used. Waste lubricating oil

Road conditions have little effect on the choice of engine oil, but the road conditions will affect the life of the oil to a large extent. In areas with poor road conditions, the oil change interval should be shortened. Now the lubricant market is mixed, how to distinguish the quality of the lubricant?

1.Identify the oil grade and test viscosity

Pay attention to the viscosity of the oil grade on the outer packaging when it is flowing.


Qualified oil should have no special odor, and some have a slight aroma such as BP- or Shida series. Any oil that is irritating to the sense of smell and has a bad smell is a deteriorated or inferior motor oil, and most of it is a regenerated oil that is recycled from waste oil. It must not be used.

3.Observe the oil color

The domestically produced bulk machine oil is mostly light blue, with bright luster and even flow. Anyone with uneven color of the forehead and a different color line when flowing is a fake or deteriorated engine oil. If such oil is used, the engine will be seriously damaged. Waste lubricating oil

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