General Introduction Of Biodiesel Technology

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Type: biodiesel machine making biodiesel from cooking oil

Capacity: 0.5-500T/D

Raw materials: Jatropha seed oil, Acidic Oil, Soap-stock, Oil residue, Waste Cooking Oil, Animal Oil, Waste engine oil, Waste tire

Clean fuel oil featured by renewable and no pollution.
Biodiesel plant machine making biodiesel from cooking oil adopts advanced biodiesel technology to get biodiesel from waste cooking oil, oil residue, vegetal oil and animal oil etc. This new type biodiesel is featured by superior performance, no corrosivity, low sulphur content, reducing mechanical wear, clean and no pollution.

Widely applicable biodiesel and low cost.
Biodiesel is applicable as fuel oil in diesel engine, but also mixing with diesel at any ratio. Biodiesel technology can reduce human dependence on oil energy, solve problem of diesel exhaust emission essentially, improve air pollution and protect environment. This superior biodiesel technology is widely applied in biodiesel preparing from vegetable oil of cottonseed oil, oil seed oil, soybean oil, waste vegetable or animal oil etc.

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