Burning Biodiesel (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester, FAME)

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As a kind of recycling and green-clean fuel, biodiesel by the biodiesel equipment can be widely used in automobiles, gas engines, and power plants. Our biodiesel can be burned in diesel engines and also be used as an additive with diesel with any proportion. Compared to other fossil diesel oils, the biodiesel that we provide has the advantages as follows:

1. Nonbenzenoid and Nonaromatic-ring, Non-toxic, Biodegradation traits;
2. Recycling,alleviating the dependence on the fossil-diesel oils;
3. Burning more efficiently in the gas engine. Emission of particulates, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides has been obviously reduced.
4. Higher cetane number, improving the ignition and lubricate ability, which brings higher engine efficiency and the endurance.
5. Flash point of biodiesel is much higher than the fossil-diesel’s, which has the very good preservation and transportation security.

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