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Biodiesel can be used as a fuel for boilers, turbines, diesel engines, etc., and The main application in the industry is fatty acid methyl esters.

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Biodiesel is a kind of high-quality clean diesel that can be extracted from various biomasses. Therefore, it can be said that it is an inexhaustible source of energy. In today’s increasingly depleted resources, it is expected to replace petroleum as an alternative fuel.
Diesel is the main power fuel for many large vehicles such as trucks and diesel locomotives and generators. It has the advantages of high power and low price. The main problem of diesel application is “black smoke”. We often See the black-smelling truck on the road. The main cause of black smoke is incomplete combustion and cause serious air pollution, such as the production of large amounts of particulate dust and high CO2 emissions.
Air pollution from engine fuel combustion has become a major problem. For example, nitrogen oxides are half of emissions from other industrial sectors, carbon monoxide is two-thirds of other industrial emissions, and toxic hydrocarbons are half of other industrial emissions. The nitrogen oxides and sulfides emitted from the exhaust gas and the water in the air can combine to form acid rain. The carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in the exhaust gas will increase the atmospheric temperature, which is often called the “greenhouse effect”. In order to solve the problem of fuel tail gas pollution and deteriorating environmental pressure, people began to study the use of other fuels such as fuel alcohol instead of gasoline. At present, fuel alcohol has a considerable proportion in North America such as the United States and Canada and South American countries such as Brazil and Argentina. A car equipped with a fuel alcohol engine has been put on the market. Fuel alcohol is not suitable for most diesel-fueled engines such as buses, diesel locomotives and agricultural vehicles such as tractors that require diesel fuel. Moreover, diesel exhaust gas pollution is much larger than gasoline, so people have developed biodiesel substitute diesel.
With the advancement of society, green energy has gradually gained attention. In recent years, the global biodiesel industry has maintained rapid growth. This is mainly because with the increasing global greenhouse effect, countries rebalance the relationship between economic development and environmental protection, and guide the application of green renewable resources through taxation, subsidies and other policies, and with the in-depth study of biodiesel. Its application needs in the field of green chemical industry are gradually being explored.
From the perspective of production area distribution, the EU is the region with the most concentrated production of biodiesel. The world’s top five biodiesel producers are the United States, Germany, Brazil, Indonesia and Argentina, accounting for more than 60% of the total market share. Thailand and China are the two countries with the largest share of production in the Asia-Pacific region except Indonesia.
Europe has developed a trend in diesel passenger cars since the 1980s, and diesel passenger cars have become an important part of the European passenger car market. 100% of heavy vehicles in Europe use diesel power, 90% of taxis are diesel passenger cars, and the market share of diesel passenger cars in Western Europe has exceeded 50% of the passenger car market. Diesel by France, Spain, Belgium, Norway and other countries. The market share of vehicles has even exceeded 70%.

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