Algae and biodiesel

Fundamentals Principle of oil production by microalgae is the use of micro algae photosynthesis. First, convert the carbon dioxide in the process of chemical production into biomass of micro algae to fix the carbon. Second, convert the carbon material of microalgae into oil via induction reaction. Then, convert the oil in the microalgae cell microalgae and microalgae gasoline to the … Read More

Characteristics of Biodiesel

The physicochemical properties of biodiesel are nearly similar to diesel fuel. The most important properties for biodiesel are cetane number, heat of combustion, viscosity, oxidative stability, cold flow properties and lubricity (Knothe et al., 2005). Table 1 presents the main properties of microalgae biodiesel compared with diesel and 1st generation biodiesel. 1. The cetane number … Read More