Advantages of Microemulsified Hybrid Fuel

The first and most important advantage of MHF is that it is generally cheaper than biodiesel and has the potential to be cheaper than diesel fuel. Two factors have significant impact on the price of biodiesel: first, the price of the raw material, which is plant oil; and second, the prices of the chemicals used … Read More

Feedstock for Biofuels

The various feedstocks that can be used for the production of biofuels may be classified into three groups: cellulosic biomass, sugar and starchy crops, and oil-containing or oil-producing plants. The first group of feedstock is cellulosic biomass. It is the type of feedstock that is increasingly becoming important for the production of biofuels. Its attractiveness … Read More

Coconut Oil Methyl Ester(CME)

Coconut oil methyl ester(CME), as a kind of important organic chemical raw material, can be widely used in the manufacturing chemical products, such as fat mellow, coconut fatty acid diethanolamide(alkyl alcohol amide), slap-up soap, plastic or cosmetic.