Production and Use of Jatropha Oil

The process of biodiesel production involves two phases. The first phase is the extraction of crude oil from seeds and the second is the transesterification of the crude oil into biodiesel. The biodiesel extraction process involves the use of machines to extract the oil from the seed. This produces crude jatropha oil, and hull and … Read More

How To Grow Jatropha For Biodiesel

Plant’s description. Jatropha curcas L. is found throughout the Philippines. In fact, different regions have their own common name for jatropha. In the Tagalog region, it is known as tubang bakod, tuba and sambo. Among the Bicolanos, it is called tuba and tuba-tuba; in Pangasinan and Nueva Ecija, it is called tagumbao; tawa-tawa in Ilocos … Read More