The NES Microemulsification Technology

MHF is produced by physically blending and microemulsifying various ratios of plant oil with diesel fuel in the presence of an additive, which could be composed of cetane enhancers, viscosity reducers and/or emulsifiers. A blend of 30% plant oil and 70% diesel fuel is called MHF30 while a blend of 50% plant oil and 50% … Read More

Production of Hybrid Fuels

Fuels produced using microemulsification technology are called “hybrid Fuels”. They are called ionic or non-ionic depending on the type of surfactant present. For example, those hybrid fuels containing a basic nitrogen compound are termed ionic while those consisting only of plant oil, aqueous ethanol, and another alcohol, such as 1-butanol, are termed non-ionic or detergentless … Read More

Use of 100 Per Cent Plant Oil as Fuel

An excellent review of literature concerning the use of various kinds of plant oils as a replacement for diesel fuel was made by Jones and Peterson of the University of Idaho. Pryde (1982) also reviewed the results of a number of studies on the use of plant oils as a diesel substitute and reported that … Read More