Production of Fuel Ethanol

Ethanol is one type of alcohol that has many properties quite similar to those of gasoline. These similarities make ethanol a highly attractive fuel for use as a gasoline substitute or as an alternative fuel for blending. The densities of ethanol and gasoline are almost identical although the energy content of ethanol is about 30% … Read More

What Are Biofuels?

Biofuels are fuels derived from biomass. Biomass is organic matter taken from or produced by plants and animals. It comprises mainly wood, agricultural crops and products, aquatic plants, forestry products, wastes and residues, and animal wastes. In its most general meaning, biofuels are all types of solid, gaseous and liquid fuels that can be derived … Read More

Definition And Types Of Biofuels

Biofuels can be defined as liquid fuels produced from biomass for either transport or burning purposes. They can be produced from agricultural and forest products, and the biodegradable portion of industrial and municipal waste. This paper concentrates on two types of transport biofuel: bioethanol and biodiesel, which account for more than 90 per cent of … Read More

Biomass Fixed Bed Gasification Utilization System

Biomass Fixed Bed Gasification Utilization System

Draw of Biomass Fixed Bed Gasification Utilization System Brief Introduction of Equipments 1. Silo 14. Ash Packing Workshop 27. Non-return Unit 2. Feeder 15. Gas Purified Unit 28. Emptier 3. Motor 1 16. Water Tank 29. Gas Tank 4. Biomass Distributor 17. Circulating Pump 30. Gas Generator Set 5. Motor 2 18. Foam Tower 31. Centralized Gas Supply 6. Ash Discharger 19. Water Film Tower 32. Gas Fan 7. Anti-explosion Device 20. Water Film Tower 33. Gas Combustor 8. Cyclone 21. Cyclone 34. Gas Boiler/Furnace/Dryer 9. Ash Tank 1 22. Water Tank 35. Induced Draft Fan for Boiler 10. Induced Fan for Ash 23. Circulating Pump 36. Steam Turbine  11. Cyclone 24. Tar Collector 37. Generator 12. Ash Tank 2 25. Electro-static Tar Removal Unit 38. Condenser 13. Bag Filter 26. Induced Draft Fan for Gas 39. Water Pump