Raw Material For Biodiesel

1. Vegetable oils Castor oil, lower cost than many candidates. Kinematic viscosity may be an issue. Coconut oil (copra oil), promising for local use in places that produce coconuts. Colza oil, from Brassica rapa, var. oleifera (turnip) is closely related to rapeseed (or canola) oil. It is a major source of biodiesel in Germany. Corn oil, appealing because of the abundance of maize as a … Read More

Main Material of Biodiesel Machine and Biodiesel Plant

NO. Raw material Note 1 Slaughterhouse scraps From slaughter house 2 swill cooking oil, swill Waste cooking oil 3 Fatty Acid & Acid Oil from plant refinery For example the bean & peanut etc….. 4 Animal bone, viscera fatty and so on…… /