Oilseed Crops for Biodiesel Production

Do you know that energy in the oil from oilseed crops, algae, restaurant waste oil, and animal fat can serve as a biodiesel feedstock? This article explores many feedstocks that make oil, which can be used in biodiesel production. Harvesting soybeans in Nebraska.  Photo: F. John Hay, Extension Educator, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension. Contents Oilseed Crops for … Read More

Which Worth Worrying About Biodiesel Blended Fuel Quality And Risks?

BD100 is currently only recommended standards, not mandatory standards, bio-diesel on the market have varying quality. The biodiesel quality producing from cooking oil as raw material has large impact on the performance of biodiesel blended fuel, in using may increase oil emulsion, oil filter clogging, microbial growth, metal corrosion and other risks. Biodiesel blended fuel … Read More

Biodiesel Blended Fuel Storage Require Specialized Storage Containers?

1) Biodiesel BD100 and blended fuels with high acid value, less stable, easy to absorb water emulsion, etc., generally should not be mixed with petroleum diesel or use the same storage facilities. 2) Biodiesel BD100 is transported to the company’s sales and distribution center for the deployment of the process, not only need to increase … Read More

Relations Between Biodiesel BD100 And Biodiesel Blended Fuel (B5)

1. Biodiesel blended fuel (B5) definition 1) B5 is a fuel blending component biodiesel BD100, is 1% to 5% (by volume) biodiesel BD100 and 95% -99% of the diesel oil in accordance with the China national standards for B5 after blending. 2) B5 in China is not yet widely into circulation, the current low market … Read More

What Is The Differences Between Biodiesel BD100 And Fatty Acid Methyl Ester?

1) Biodiesel BD100 and Fatty Acid Methyl Ester as chemical raw materials, chemical intermediates have the main component of fatty acid methyl esters. 2) Biodiesel BD100 itself can be used directly as a chemical intermediate products or chemical products used, in the practice of market operators, most of the production of biodiesel BD100 companies also … Read More